February 11th, 2010

I am developing a faint disdain for Google and all its works

Brought rather into sharp relief by their monstrously naff SuperBowl commercial, which deserves a better parody than the first one I found on YouTube. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of looking at a Google site for things taking the piss out of Google).
If I were Microsoft I would be majoring hard on a 'get your software from a software company, not a creepy ad broker or a premium-price consumer electronics company'.

The search engines defeat me on this one

Was Alexander McQueen a regular guest on GLR Breakfast in the Gideon Coe and Fi Glover era? I think there was one regular guest every day (or maybe 4 days a week). Dave Green of NTK fame, who later did the same sort of schtick on the Phill Jupitus breakfast show on 6 Music - 6 Music being more or less the continuation of GLR by other means - was another. And Laura Lee Davies, former editor of Time Out.