February 8th, 2010

Safe words are the new hello Glastonbury

Two people from different not particularly overlapping groups have, within the last 3 days have, in the context of some slightly weird phrase, said 'and that's what we use as a safe word' or something on those lines. Is this a comedy thing, or coincidence, or is this a 'in spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to...' thing I wonder.

They paved paradise yada yada yada

It was previously thought that the most futile thing in the universe was listing songs one would use in the sound track for an imaginary film. Well, I have thought of something even more futile - listing songs that one would use in the sound track for an imaginary film BUT with lyric changes that the rights holder would be unlikely to agree to.
I bring you the song to accompany the scene where the heroine's partner runs off with a furry...
'Late one night I heard the screen door slam.
And a big yellow hamster took away my old man.'

James Cameron has offered to help with the special effects.