February 6th, 2010

'See' 'you' in the hive mind

Consider this, admittedly in the Scientific Sunday Sport. Money quote: "The work has culminated this week in the extraordinary announcement that these molecules in a marine alga may exploit quantum processes at room temperature to transfer energy without loss."
I cannot help seeing this as being the beginning of one of those SF stories that leads us, via a rogue scientist (TM), into assimilation into the hive mind by Tuesday morning.

Probably not as 'Mad Max' as it sounds

From a newsletter from our 2 Lib-Dem MEPS...
"Local MEP Catherine Bearder is continuing her fight against mega trucks.
Having fought against 30 tonne trucks with the Women's Institute in the 1980s, local MEP Catherine Bearder found herself fighting again when she attended a meeting of the No Mega Trucks campaign."

You can see it. The show down. The veteran of the Mega Truck Wars of the 80s coming out of retirement for one last fight. The flash-back to the WI's triumph.