November 24th, 2009

Aunty Jean, Cliff Richard and 2 Koalas

Aunty Jean, Cliff Richard and the 2 koalas circa 1963. Truly, it was another world. Never will I think of the fictional pop culture references in
Kim Newman's stories as being too arch or knowing!

A later clip. Presumably 1969 or 1970 since in colour. This is the theme tune I remember, though not usually played by Wally Wombat on his recorder!
Bizarrely, Aunty Jean seems to have aged far more than 7 years between the two. Working with koalas must be stressful.

(and some outside footage, sound lost, the comments suggest that Aunty Jean was there at the opening day of the zoo. Note ostrich in plane!)

Now it can be told

Mr J F Cat has found the quote from Toby Young from the book here.
" Young divided undergraduates into "stains" and "socialites". Stains were the "small, vaguely deformed" breed, replete with acne and anoraks, who had not been to schools such as Eton and Westminster, and who "scuttled across quads as if they had mobile homes on their backs"."
It is not clear from this paragraph, but in the book it is clear that TY is claiming 'stains' as a genuine term rather than one he has made up.

Now let us mock, more in derision than in irk:
""Anything with the word Oxford in it is a sure-fire loser," Young tells me now. "When my friends send me their memoirs, I tell them to remove all references to Oxford because, otherwise, the papers give them to reviewers who went to second-rate universities, and you get the same chippy reaction. Anyway, we were a bunch of insufferable, jumped-up prats who deserved criticism.""