November 6th, 2009

Things that strike you

I must have listened to the song '(You) Tattooed Me' by Tom Robinson over a hundred times easily, it has been on heavy rotation on mix-tapes / CDs / iPods for 20 years I think. Today, for the first time it occurred to me that the lines
"When I was sound asleep as you left to join the fleet
You tattooed your name with a needle in my arm"
perhaps don't quite work, you would have to be very sound asleep indeed!

The lyrics on the website of the gentleman broadcaster himself say 'drunk asleep' but even so... (and the lyrics don't quite match up with the album version (which is also available to download free from the website.
There is actually another live version on Tom's website, where the year changes from 54 to 34. But (an alternative) 1934 or 2034? And the peace talks move from Dublin to Geneva.
Not as SFnal as 'Drive All Night' from the same album, though.