October 9th, 2009

Drum and Bass^H^H^H^H Theremin

For fans of such things, there is an Oxford Contemporary Music thing featuring a drummer and a thereminist at Modern Art Oxford next Thursday, 15th.
Irksomely it is at 6 p.m. Also, the 'I am wacky' photo on the website http://www.ocmevents.org/events/Autumn%2009/rochford/rochford.htm does not thrill me. It reminds me of the photo of Rebecca Carrington http://www.rebeccacarrington.co.uk/ so has been Done Before.
We have the DVD of cello based humour if anyone would like to borrow it (a mixture of English and simple German in the main).
The DVD of theremin based humour cannot be far behind.

In the words of I. M. Weasel, "He was a fine monkey and a genuinely talented theremin player."