September 25th, 2009

It's the Friday evening unhealthy YouTube searching hour

Small boys, jumpers for goal-posts, isn't it, hmm? The credits of 'The Paper Lads' Theme by Renaissance (ah, that voice - yes, I have said this before, I know).
I blame everything on the decline of ITV, you know. And the decline of ITV on the Tories, obviously. I had that Roland Rat in the back of my cab one, guv.

An extended ITV self-promotion video with the late 80s 'dum didley-dum-dum dum' theme (video blank after 2 mins for some reason)
The return of ITV after the 1979 strike (Note that Quatermass, depicting a Britain terrorised by evil trade unionists [subtext] was the 9 p.m. drama)

The sad history of Centre Radio, the commercial radio station in Leicester, which went bust - the IBA allowed the Nottingham Station to take over. This was really the beginning of the end for the IBA's old system of the local great and good owning a station with its own locally originated programmes -