September 17th, 2009


"What we are doing now is not important for itself," she said, "but one day someone might be interested enough to carry things forwards and create something wonderful on these foundations."

OK, am I going utterly mad here? I remember Nicky Campbell saying about some Pet Shop Boys song that it's one of those songs that once you've heard it you can't believe that you ever hadn't heard it. If you see what I mean.

So, Firebird by White Noise (i.e. the great Delia herself and David Vorhaus). Given that the first time I played the CD was today, though I had bought it some time ago, why is it so incredibly familiar? I assume that Mr Maconie must have played it at some point, but it feels much more familiar than that.

Any ideas. Film sound track, advert, cover version?

Now, that is depressing

The one line ad on GMail is for a solicitor. The magic algorithm has deduced that I want one. Which is depressing. I already (in my role of executor) have a solicitor. I would like fewer rather than more solicitors, please.