August 20th, 2009

In times of mild stress...

... some people turn to drink, I turn to YouTube

1. The Canadian song for the Ethiopian famine I think Band Aid wins because of the slightly cynical lyrics but much better than We Are The World. Very Canadian somehow (note in particular 2 minutes in, but you have to watch the rest for context).

2. Having mentioned We Are The World, we are required by law to mention 'The American Dream' from 'Wag The Dog'

3. Returning to Canada, the CBC version of Oh Canada used at closedown, presumably before it went 24 hours a day. Because I am a sentimental weasel this one gets me in floods of tears particularly the juxtaposition of soldiers going to war followed by aged veterans in a remembrance parade. Overall, of course, it is the juxtaposition of one of the few tuneful national anthems, lots of scenery, different cultures etc.

4. A longer version with a CBC self promotion thing (in BBC style) and a list of frequencies first

5. And I see they use it for start-up too If you've got it flaunt it

6. Since we have the world's crappest national anthem, the best I can do you is the Breakfast Time credits (there are numerous versions, this is the one with someone working on Concorde, and a driver climibing up into an HST cabin)

7. Completely unrelated, Annie Haslam mimes Northern Lights on Top Of The Pops (there is a live recording, but frankly the miming is better). But oh, the song. So many teenage day-dreams (not about Annie, who I don't think I had seen until relatively recently).