August 8th, 2009

Unless you draw blood

Apparently, my school friend Mark was on Radio 4 with Sandy Toksvig this morning talking about his book about the quest for the lotus flower. I am sure I have told many of you of the story whereby according to another school friend at Oxford (not the most reliable narrator I fear) saw Mark striding out of the mist in Jericho, and Mark said to him 'remember, Tim, it's not real sex unless you draw blood' and then strode away into the mist never to be seen again. There was also something in the Guardian, with a link to their bookshop
I fear their 'same author' algorithm fails to cope with multiple authors with the same name because I can't for a moment believe he wrote 'Don't tell cute stories - change lives' or ' Gambling and Gaming Addictions in Adolescents'.
Anyway, we are off on hols, maybe there will be a copy in the airport bookshop.