June 13th, 2009

Not quite last

We did the Yarnton 5 this evening - by convention the something 5 or something 10 means miles, if the race is kilometres then it says something k. Looking at the other runners lining up it was clear that there was a decent chance that I would come last. It is, apparently, the county championship. As it happened there were a few people behind me, but definitely I was in the 'long tail' this time, with t__m__i one of the two people in front of me, out of sight round corners for some of the time. I ended up running slightly faster than I intended to to avoid falling off the back, so it was possibly a personal best which is quite good as I am not really at my fittest at the moment.

Green shoots of recovery

Because the plural of anecdote IS data contrary to what you may have heard.

1. The chap that does my hair was booked up all day when I rang up yesterday. This is the first time in a year or so I haven't been able to get a slot a day in advance. Of course, they could just have got rid of people :-)

2. The town centre has three car parks. One of them is my preferred car park and is free, but it is always full on Fridays. One of the other two costs 40 p for an hour (refundable if you spend 5 quid in Waitrose), the other is free but is a bit further from the centre and awkward to get to, you have to go down a narrow road which is essentially only wide enough for one vehicle, with hilarious results.
Since the beginning of the global financial OMFG the free car park has been full and the pay one has had spaces, which is a reversal of the state of affairs before the global financial OMFG. This week, however, the pay car-park was full and the free one had spaces. Clearly people (a) feel they can afford to go to Waitrose again and/or (b) can afford to pay 40p to shorten their drive and walk slightly.