May 1st, 2009


The thing I used to use for asthma attacks when I had them and still carry around with me in case I do has been discontinued. See for various commenters complaining that nothing else works.
I am thinking of getting a life-time's supply of the thing I have to prevent attacks on the black market, just in case that gets discontinued.. presumably they will gradually degrade but I suspect they may be better than the alternatives. The point at which I switched to the Becodisks rather than crappy inhalers (even with one of those crappy things to breath the output in from) was the point at which the medicine started to actually work so I am not sure I am willing to take the risk that it gets withdrawn.
There seems to be no sign that they are going to be withdrawn, and there seem to be other dry powder inhalers.

House-Weasel's Knee

In other news the GP suggested I leave the housemaid's knee to be reabsorbed since this is the preferred action if isn't infected. Take 2 ibuprofen 3 times a day. She brought up a web page, 'rest' it says, 'you're not going to do that' she said, since I had told her I had a race next weekend. We shall see.


... the sticky notelet that the GP wrote the dosage and frequency for the ibuprofen on was an advert for Vagifem. I may have housemaids' knee but I'm pretty sure I don't have post menopausal osteoporosis.