April 17th, 2009

Sunshine Deserts' Audio-Visual Department

My nephew has found a box of slides. This seems to include
10 or so of motorcycle races
10 or so of scenery / random family weddings (there were a lot of these, of cousins, when I was little)
but, most excitingly,
40 or so screenshots of bits of software, presumably some sort of finite element thing, either related to my late brother's Ph.D. (abandoned), or the company he and a friend founded, or maybe when he worked for Olivetti. The software is of the coloured lines on a black background variety.
25 of them are numbered and presumably form a presentation.

There is also one labelled 'Tektronix 4010' and 75-9 showing a man with a beard sitting at, presumably, a Tektronix 4010 terminal, with some fine 1970s stylee curtains in the background, though the 4010 was green screen and the other slides are in colour.

Needless to say, I would quite like a better look at these, and certainly would like to share the one of the man with a beard sitting at a Tektronix 4010 terminal, so does anyone in the Oxford vicinity have a slide scanner I can borrow?

[ An old fart writes...
In my first job in the mid 80s I worked on some image processing software which was so seekrit we had to sit in a metal box lest evil spies reading our screens via Van Eck phreaking, yes, really. The software ran on a Prime 550 using a fine bit of equipment produced by a company called GEMS Of Cambridge. About the only reference to them on-line is this 1990 news story about another company acquiring their assets after they went bankrupt. One of the peripherals attached to the GEMS was some sort of smaller display designed to have a 35 mm film camera attached to it, I forget exactly what it looked like.]

Phear my leet 'knowing where houses are' skillz

Whilst delivering Lib-Dem leaflets in the drizzle a Taxi driver appeared and asked if I knew where 'number 16' was. One of the numbers is missing so I thought he might have been looking for that (though I think it is number 17). I'm looking for 16 Blah Drive he replied. This isn't Blah Drive, I said, 16 Blah Drive is on the left off the main road but the house faces forward. He looked dubious, for the reason that people often seem to think I'm a deranged manic which I've never quite seen, any more than I understand why air-crew (but only air-crew) mistake me for a woman [this hasn't happened for a while, I have obviously lost my girlish good looks].
Also, of course, the flats have an entrance onto Blah Drive but have addresses in what I always think of as being Cunnilingus Close but isn't, quite. The flats are numbered contiguously with the houses i.e. 1 to 10 are houses, 11 to 30 are flats (though one flat has its own front door rather than communal entrances and one doesn't exist) and 31 to 75 or thereabouts are houses.
Conversely, there are houses that face Blah Drive which have numbers on Blah Drive though you get to them via side roads, in a couple of cases you have to go quite a way into the side road to get to them, but they face Blah Drive so they have numbers on it seems to be the rule. Also, whilst all the side roads have houses numbered consecutively round the side roads, the houses on the the main road are scrupulously numbered with even ones on one side (and possibly odd ones on the other, though those too can only be got to by going deep into another side road).
Also, one of the roads has no 40 but has a 39A. There is a factoid that 40 is unlucky in China as well as 4, so maybe that's why.