March 18th, 2009

In Clement Weather

I am Hal Clement apparently. Don't quite understand that one.

Can I destroy my cred at this point by saying that I have only liked one James Tiptree story? I bought a collection of hers last year which reminded me that I don't like her, possibly even to the extent that the book got to the Oxfam bookshop without being devalued by in-bath reading.

I also bought an old Alfred Bester short story collection. Very odd, one story had the incandescent quality of the two novels, the rest, er, not. Historical interest only. I also actually bought the other novel, the one about the guy working in television - people usually say 'it's about someone working in advertising' which clearly means that they haven't read it, but clearly this is the one line description that everyone has heard. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised how strongly this misapprehension has taken hold. It too, however, is of historical interest only.