March 15th, 2009


1. Failed to make it to the pie party or the gig yesterday... the former meant that the pie songs went unsung. #Too shy shy, hush hush, pie to pie#
#Enpietenment and the pieness of pie, all we have is the pieness of pie# (Momus)

2. "The People's Party's vaguely blue, but Dave's shirt is of browner hue". As you know, professor, the right of centre group in the European Parliament is called the European People's Party. 'Call me' Dave, pledged to remove the Conservatives from the EPP as one of his election pledges in the election of party leader, going for the all important 'wing-nut' vote. Although, despite the wishes of the wing-nuts, this didn't happen straight away, and was never going to, the Conservatives have said that they will be forming their own group after the year's European elections. Unfortunately (see here (via nwhyte) it isn't that easy, since you need to find parties from a number of countries to join the group and this is only going to be possible by cosying up to some pretty unpleasant characters.

3. The deli down Iffley Road, which was rather high on my doomed-ometer, appears to have shut. Another shop in the cluster of shops on Iffley Road just before the turn to Donnington Bridge seems to be empty, but I can't remember what it was.