March 8th, 2009

Talk, now even cheaper, thanks to quantitative weaselling

1. On my Friday (?) trip into Oxford to pick up a Chinese take-away (about 10 extra food miles there, albeit of recycled vegetable oil), I picked up a genuine 'Obama Hand Car Wash' hand-bill. I think the guy renaming his car-wash after Obama got some press coverage but I have now seen it with my own eyes.

2. My cousin Neil was over on the way from Bangalore. Obviously he wasn't keen on Indian food so we went to Al Shami and I got to have the creamy hedgehog I was cruelly denied when I went to the Turkish restaurant last week.

3. It would not be a helpful thing to say, but it was very tempting to comment on rozk's post saying "I am also unsure that endless me-tooism is a useful form of discourse" with a comment saying 'Me too, I agree completely'.

4. Similarly, I like her idea of some sort of fannish Commission for Truth and Reconciliation. I propose it be combined with the WSFS Mark Protection committee, thus forming the
Truth, Reconciliation and Mark Protection Commission.

(If you have no idea what I am going on about in the last two, you should probably count yourselves lucky)