March 7th, 2009

More quantitative weaselling

1. E4 are showing Aliens And Waitresses again. This dates back to the days when I could still engage with TV SF, and I quite liked it when it stayed away from the 'you are Arg from the planet Zarg, I am Zog from the planet Og' stuff. Clearly not shot in Roswell, though. I would have guessed and Wikipedia confirms somewhere in SoCal. Not good enough to actually watch rather than wibbling on the interwebs of course.
And, of course, there is no sign that 40-odd percent of the town's population is Hispanic. Or that there's a military academy with about 1000 students in a town of about 40000 people.
Not as silly at the version of Rachel, Nevada and the Little A'le'inn in the X-Files though.

2. The doomed 'trying to be up-market but not actually selling anything nice' pet supplies and accessories shop has shut. They still seem to have a web-site and the opening and closing a physical shop has been air-brushed out of history. Clearly they have been sensible enough to shut it before it dragged down the rest of the business but I really don't know what they were thinking. I think it would have been reasonably doomed even if not in a really bad location. On some level it seems slightly sad, I'm not sure whether the stuff being rather crap makes it more or less sad.
Similarly the Oxford Organic Burger Company thing has seen the writing on the wall and closed to reinvent itself as a bar. People still seem to be opening restaurants down Cowley Road bizarrely enough.

3. My attempts to fight off the cold going round seem to have finally failed, there has been a definite increase in snot (ugh). Not sure I will enjoy having a root canal whilst sniffing on Monday, double ugh.

4. The number of job ads on my daily email from Jobserve seems to have gone up. Noise or reality, who can tell?