February 23rd, 2009


Whilst running a bath yesterday I poured a cap-full of my behind-the-pharmacy-counter shampoo under the running water, which gave a pleasing bubble-bath-like effect. This lead me to think that bubble-bath used to be advertised on TV but I don't remember having seen an ad for it for years.
Is this because
a) like people having current accounts it is too banal to advertise now?
b) back in the 70s we were all poor and bubble bath was the height of luxury but now it's not worth advertising (actually this is probably not that different from (a))
c) I didn't get the memo and it was discovered to cause cancer in rats / global warming / communism / lycanthropy?
d) actually they do advertise it but I don't watch the right things at the right time?
e) other.

Also, what became of 5 pin DIN plugs?

Wim and Wigour

I always thought that Van Der Valk was a delightfully dotty TV series. British actors presumably mostly filmed in studios in London but with some outdoor scenes in Amsterdam but calling each other Wim and so forth, but using the normal British detective shots. I particularly remember one about some scandal at police academy about someone smoking dope. A scandal, in Amsterdam, over dope!
On the same lines, the new Minder, from the minutes I watched of it, seemed to me to be very much old Minder plots somehow transplanted into the 00s, with the odd reference to guns and knives thrown incongruously in.
It is therefore with some sadness that I must say that the first episode of Law And Order: Camden (sorry, UK, they are calling it), was deeply dreary. They are indeed using old Law And Order plots, and the same music, and Freema Agyeman is demonstrating her usual facial expressions in the usual random order. Beyond this, it reminded me more than anything of The Bill.
There were a number of slightly jarring things, rather more plea bargaining than I suspect happens in real life in the UK, but nothing actually funny in a gor blimey Miss Poppins sort of way.
Ho hum.