October 29th, 2008

Desert verbal abuse, little factual (this book will be a star, although it does not deserve)

As I mentioned in passing before, the German translation of Mr Y Gets His End Away is called Troposphere. Having seen it with my own eyes, it appears that the mysterious book the heroine is looking for is called 'The End Of Mr Y' (rendered in English) rather than Troposphere. Thus the irkmusing recursion of The End Of Mr Y being about a book called The End Of Mr Y is missing.

In other news, there is an English bookshop, of the 'quirky' variety in Vienna. There are some German books in it as well. It had a section called 'cyber' which included a copy of Cyberselfish and, I thought bizarrely, a German translation of Cyberselfish. ( Schöne neue Cyberwelt ).
Cyberselfish is, of course, the book from which I take my LJ's epigraph "Nerds are hardly the first folks to make a philosophy out of a personality defect, and technolibertarians are no more guilty of it than, say, some of the Lefties I've known who were so clearly working out some sort of anger or guilt toward their parents."
It is interesting that it was translated into German, because clearly the cultural import of a German translation of a book about the evils of Silicon Valley stylee technolibertarians is completely different from that of the original - one is a book about the evils within, the other is about the evil other.