September 17th, 2008

Carry on everyone

"It seems that everything we've been saying for 30 years has turned out to be shite. In these circumstances, it is imperative that those people who became immensely rich out of creating this shite should be compensated heavily. It is also of great importance than we pay no attention to anyone who warned us this was bound to end in shite, as the only people trustworthy to get us out of it are those that put us in it. Carry on everyone."

(I do not really think much of Mark Steel on the whole (keywords: facile, leftie, posturing) but today on the other hand...)


Considering how often the subject comes up (in this office anyway), it is surprising that there is no generally accepted word for having sex with dead animals.

And he put it up to he sightless eye...

I was pleased to see that the UK Paralympics organisers took the advice of loveandgarbage and for the London part of the closing ceremony have 'The crimes of Jack the Ripper communicated using the medium of interpretative dance' (see ).
Also, I was impressed that they included Lord Nelson, probably the country's most famous disabled person, though would it really have been too much effort to find a one eyed and one armed guitarist?

Utterly Freaky

As Verity Stob says in her collected works, Microsoft went from being seen as plucky young scamps to being seen as being evil overnight sometime in 1995. Anyway, here is a Microsoft commercial from that year which I personally think is one of the great commercials of all time (much better than the irksome Macintosh one). What I hadn't noticed until I read the YouTube comments is that it shows Flight Simulator flying towards the Twin Towers, then cuts to a shot of the real Twin Towers.
Here is a British version (without the Twin Towers)