September 7th, 2008


Any (non-review copy) sightings in the UK? None in Borders and Amazon says release date 1st September but still says 'pre-order'?

Only one letter away from an Ayn Rand novel (or if you accidentally search for Anthem on Amazon, 'Rand Ayn' comes up in the new or used section!).

I have to say I can wait - if nothing else I am reading Un Lun Dun which I am quite enjoying though could have done with being de-flabbed by about 40%. He is very cruel giving small children nightmares about giraffes...

The difficult nth novel

The subject came up with mr_snips of this parish (who hasn't posted for over 2 years I see) as to which would be the best novel to read of all writers if you were going to commit yourself to one number e.g. all 1st novels, all 2nd novels, all 3rd novels etc.
The broad brush arguments are clearly
a) people will get more polished as n increases
b) ... but maybe less fresh / original
c) ... and as n increases things will be published based on their reputation
d) ... and eventually the 'brain eater' will get them
Interestingly, Mr Snips and I both came up with the same number.
So clearly this needs a poll. Any explanations, examples in the comments welcome of course.
Voting does not implicitly or explicitly imply that you think this is in any way a sensible idea.

If you had to only read the nth published novels of all authors, what would n be?

A number > 5 I will explain in the comments
This is clearly so ludicrous I am not going to say, despite the caveat


For those of you with iPhones / iPod Touches, I commend to you Paklsound, a music sequencer - see There is a video of it here although I suspect that may be an older version based on the date and the functionality displayed - it now has 3 screens rather than 2, the high notes displayed in the video, the percussion demonstrated and bass.
It costs 69p or thereabouts.
Clearly this is a 'if you like that sort of thing that is the sort of thing you would like' deal, and it is limited to 32 notes - 2 screens of 16, though all notes of all 3 'screens' or whatever you want to call them can be polyphonic, but I think I have got my 69p of entertainment out of it.