July 14th, 2008

Mr Y Gets His End Away

My copy of 'The End of Mr Y' has arrived. It begins with two pages of praise for PopCo, which was an utterly bizarre book - though not an unpleasant read because it was so deeply pathological. One of the reviews says 'If Cryptonomicon and Fight Club jointly impregnated Thursday Next, then PopCo would be their unholy demon seed. Sprawling, imaginative, clever and absorbing, PopCo is a thinking person's adventure tale, and will delight any reader who embraces their inner, four-eyed, scholastically inclined, misfit geek'.
Hmm. I would have said PopCo was the anti-Cryptonomicon, its sentiments being close to those shared by the straw-(wo)man girlfriend and her eeevil post-modern academic friends. But there are probably levels of irony I am not appreciating.
Anyway, will keep you posted...