July 11th, 2008

There's a satirical novel I needn't bother writing

Returning to the subject of the Tenori-on, behold the Tenorions http://www.thetenorions.com/biog.htm
Not at all a lame Yamaha stunt, oh no.
The misogynistic and misanthropic Idiot Toys featured them yesterday http://www.idiottoys.com/2008/07/celebrity-holding-girl-band-tenerions.html
Read the PR text and weep. One of the commenters said 'The Last Sane Man Alive said...
Let this day be remembered as the day I realised humanity must die and began the greatest Killing Spree in history.'
And I can kind of understand that response.

The trouble with doing satires of the music industry (and I would, of course, not let my total ignorance of it stand in my way) is that these things end up as a one note thing e.g. 'sickening quantities of drugs, egomania and wasted money, success pretty much a lottery' - see Kill Your Friends by John Niven (link to The Man's bookselling site: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kill-Your-Friends-John-Niven/dp/043401799X ), all the good jokes in which I read in a review, although there was one funny scene in it.

Of course, once we have the band created to publicise the expensive music device, what do we do with them? A Scarlett Thomas style searing indictment of modern capitalism with No Logo thoughtfully included in the reading list in the appendix, or a late Gibson style novel aimed squarely at Monocle http://www.monoclemagazine.com/ readers? (I always think of it as Mon Oncle and think it should have a sister magazine Ma Tante - they could even sell pens as a sideline, ha ha).