June 16th, 2008

If you tolerate this, then your children will use NeXT

I donate this title free of charge to anyone wishing to write an impassioned article about Apple and their closed development model for the iPhone, relying for its effect on people knowing that the OS for the iPhone comes from the NeXTStep OS acquired with St. Steve of Jobs.
However, I am certainly not going to write it, but thought the title too good to waste.


I am getting iTunes to convert some MP2s (moved from 'the bug') to AAC, and it started hitting the net like TCP/IP was going out of fashion. I maced it quickly with the 'stop everything' button on Zone A Llama and it has stopped the naughtiness whilst continuing to convert the files. I assume there is a sensible explantation, like that whilst converting the file it is trying to work out what it is. But still...

This is more of an experiment than anything, since my car radio has an SD card slot and plays MP2 files providing the suffix is MP3(!). Since the radio in the house calls MP2 files MP2 files, all I have to do is to take the SD car from the radio, rename the files on the PC, then insert it into the car radio.