June 11th, 2008

Jefty is five, whilst E. J. Thribb is 17 1/2

Inspired by a comment on my fflist (oh the shame), where in the canon of things that one should have read or heard of would you place 'Jeffy is Five'? Is it such that anyone submitting a story where a child stays at the age of five should hang their head in shame. It could be me but I kind of think Ellison has gone the way of the many people who were well known in their day but that no-one thinks of any more. See under Clifton, Mark.


I suppose 'New Labour And Democratic Unionist Alliance' has a certain ring to it.
With grim inevitability...
1. In the 2010 election people will say there is no difference between NuLab and Dave's Etonians (and to prove they're socially inclusive someone who went to St. Paul's).
2. Then Dave will get in, prove to be bad beyond our wildest dreams.
3. Those who did vote Labour will say 'there you go, you said there would be no difference, now look what's happened'.
4. Then those who didn't vote Labour will say, 'well, OK, we were wrong BUT COULDN'T THEY HAVE MANAGED TO BE A TINY BIT LESS SHIT???'.
5. And this will be one of the moments they point to.
These are the prophesies of NostraWeaselus.

Ones to watch out for

I was going to have a look at the much touted list (see http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/006765.html ) for ideas for books to obtain. However if you scroll down you will see Doctorow has got 3 mentions. To my mind he is only an author to watch out for in the sense of 'watch out for' as in 'keep under house arrest without any access to the Internet or writing materials, and make sure none are smuggled in'. This does undermine the credibility of the list just a teensy-weensy bit...