March 7th, 2008

Britain's New Deal In Europe

I am presumably missing the nuances here, but is the reason that Nick 'even more useless than the last useless tosser' Clegg is in favour of a referendum on EU membership is the fond hope that
a) if the question were put, the owners of the Tory party would have a quiet word with P.R. Dave telling him that any deviation from 100% support for the EU and he will be out on his ear
b) similarly, 'big business' would firehose money in so that every billboard in the country would be filled with posters saying ''No' vote on Thursday, P45 on doormat on Saturday'
c) the owners of all daily papers, whether or not they own multinational media empires, would have it quietly suggested to them that if they wanted any ads in their papers thereafter beyond Mrs. Blogg's old electric kettle in the '5 pounds or less' column then a suitably Damascene conversion would be expected?

I think we could pretty much guarantee that most of the playbook from here could be recycled word for word.

But would it play out that way?

Anyway, what do people apart from the speak you're branes crew think would happen, would we end up in the same position as Norway (in the EEA), or Switzerland (in the EFTA), or what?