February 20th, 2008

The POD people

The Wikipedia article on The Yiddish Policeman's Badger now contains someone's explanation of how the POD (Anthony Diamond is killed in a car crash so a Jewish refuge is established in Alaska) leads on to the other historical chanes in the book. Or it may have always contained them and I didn't look at the article, I forget.
Anyway, the money shot is "As a result, the Alaska Settlement plan passes, so in this world only two million Jews are murdered in the Holocaust. Due to the reduced industrial effort of the slaughter, Germany is able to crush the Soviet Union in 1942".
I can't say I'm convinced. Not that I'm a big reader of books on WW2 or viewer of Nazi Gold (actually we don't get Nazi Gold on free satellite anyway), but I don't remember ever coming across the theory that the Holocaust consumed a significant proportion of German resources. Citation needed as they say.

I see the Coen brothers are supposedly making a film of it. Obviously I will believe it when it happens. If good books often make bad films, do bad books make good films? Discuss.

Piss-up, brewery

"In an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio last fall, Clinton explained why she was the only candidate who did not agree to New Hampshire's request that she take her name off the ballot in Michigan.

"It's clear: This election they're having is not going to count for anything. I personally did not think it made any difference whether or not my name was on the ballot," she said.

But with New Hampshire in her rear view mirror, Clinton decided Michigan's election should count and so should Florida's. Before the Democratic National Committee sanctioned them, the two states had a combined 366 delegates. Clinton, who won a majority in both state contests, now wants them to count."