November 21st, 2007

He was a fine monkey and a genuinely talented Theremin player

I think the Tenori-on is the sort of thing that Bill Gibson uses the word 'everting' about. See to see it in action.
Expect to hear it in action on the 'new music' shows on Radio 1 very soon, assuming any of the musicians apart from Gruff Rhys and Thom Yorke can afford the 600 quid for one.
Interesting that is has been launched in the UK, either because this is where the cool kids hang out (*) or because of the weak dollar, I guess.
My gut feeling would be that it should be filed under 'future retro kitsch'. It does look kind of cool but I have a rule about buying musical instruments with 2.37 MB manuals, even if it is cheaper than a set of 4 matched crumhorns - actually cheaper than a pair of crumhorns.

It does look easier to play than the Theremin - a look at videos on YouTube demonstrates that the Theremin is obviously a complete bugger to play - although I commend this fine performance of Video Killed The Radio Star, which somehow is exactly the right thing to play

(*) apologies to whoever it was that hates that phrase if they were on my f-list

(edited to correct spelling of Theremin)