November 4th, 2007

They (still) call me mellow weasel

Still feeling 7% mellower than statistical trends would suggest I should be. Maybe it is in the mind, I will have to get a blind test performed.

Nellie's paw has swollen up after yesterday's redressing... the vet said that the dressing was fine, but redressed her anyway and gave her a shot of pain reliever / anti-inflammatory which should encourage her to walk on the leg some more and hopefully shake things up a bit to relieve the swelling.

In other news, I wonder if the Ralph (G) Mork I mentioned yesterday is the Ralph Mork mentioned on this webpage (Erotic Folksongs and Ballads, and international bibliography)?

"Gregory-Boomer-Fouff Collection. (No title; at head: "Reproduction in all its forms is to [be] encouraged. No copyright, no classification.") George Gregory, Lt.Cdr., USNR, Special Devices Division; Paul Boomer, Air Marshall, Royal Australian Airforce; François Fouff, Ministère de l'Aire, État-Majeur [pseuds.: Cornelius Van S. ROOSEVELT, Frank WOOD, Ralph MARTINEZ, and Ralph MORK. Washington, D.C.: Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, Special Devices Division, 1945]. Limited to 150 copies, mimeographed. 1945. Same, 3d enlarged edition. (3), 25 f., sm.4to, mimeographed; with MS addenda to 1959; Washington, D.C., 1966. (Copy: G. Legman.) Contents mostly limericks."

It would seem far from unlikely that an IBMer would have been in the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics, Special Devices Division.

My dad had a book of hand-drawn cartoons from when he was in a PoW camp called 'The Prisoner Laughs', it was a raffle prize and I think the winner gave it to him for some reason. I don't know what happened to it, I am pretty sure I haven't got it.

Of course, most references that appear if you search for Ralph Mork are to Church, Ralph Mork and Mindy, a novelisation.