October 31st, 2007

My cup runneth over

The new Isaac Astral's arrives... with stories from both Connie Willis AND Nancy Kress.

Fortunately, I have my book on Vannevar Bush. Not only is truth stranger than fiction, but frequently (compared to the SF I have been reading) has a better plot, characters and writing.

Then again, Spook Country was much better on a second read. Once I knew that nothing much was going to happen, I could sit back and enjoy the prose. I remain convinced that it is an X Files story. I do wonder, even, whether it is an X Files story in the strong sense that Dirk Gently was a Doctor Who one, rather than the weak sense in which the Hitch-hikers' Guide was [apart from one of the sequels which was in the strong sense, of course]. Not only is Hollis Scully, but Inchmale is Mulder, in one of those episodes where Duchovny almost literally phones in his performance, appearing for a few scenes off camera.

...And I am now firmly on the side of there being a substantial degree of Gibson satirising, albeit gently, the irksome and earnest techno-artist types he comes across, with Hollis's celebrity for music standing in for his celebrity as a writer.

In other news, the academic paper on Victorian pornographic magic lantern slides was rather disappointing.