October 26th, 2007

Write Irksome Technothrillers the weasel way

Part 94, the surprise twist.

"But how did you know Gospodin Trubshaw was the billgates?", asked Amanda
Huw chuckled. "Surely, that's obvious. No gaib ZigBee jockey since the Uranium Wars of the mid teens would be seen dead leaving their house without an authenticated fitbin."
"D'oh, how could I have been so stupid."
They stared lovingly into each-other's eyes.


The triumph of hope over experience

Rewired - The Post Cyberpunk Anthology.

Moving on from 'Stoats In Halter-Necks' by Crass Holsters, which as daveon correctly divined I was not over-impressed by.

I should probably vary my diet from crap near-future techno-thrillers and books about failed and/or dead technologies. But what?

And now time to 'walk' the 'dog' (for suitable values of 'walk' and 'dog') although as t__m__i has pointed out, she has already emptied herself on the floor.

Lewd conduct with a device


I fail to see why having sex with a bicycle IN A LOCKED ROOM is illegal. The Torygraph article references the guy from Redditch who was done for shagging pavements, but pavements are, of course, outside. The Redditch guy subsequently committed suicide I believe.

Naturally most of the commenters on the Reg share my point of view http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/10/26/bike_incident/comments/