October 21st, 2007

Adam and Joe (and other radio maundering).

As the deckchairs are rearranged on the good ship 6 Music, Adam and Joe are going to be doing a show on Saturdays from 9-12 a.m.

I think we really have to write off the 'put GLR on as a national station on digital' experiment as one that has run its course. I understand the Big British Castle (as A&J refer to it) is short of money, and also the bandwidth on the DAB multiplex will come in handy.

Also, whilst I am whinging pointlessly, every tweak that they make to the Radio 1 evening schedules seems to me to make things worse. In particular I find the 'Huw Stephens Introduces..' thing irksomely well meaning in a bad 70s yoof program sort of way. And WTF is the point at having Huw 'expert in Welsh bands' Stephens presenting the ENGLISH stream when they split Radio 1 into four bits for the irksomely well meaning in a bad 70s yoof program sort of way opt-outs?
I mean, clearly no-one can replace John Peel but I thought actually that the first post-Peel configuration with Rob Da Bank standing in for Peel was the best and it has gone steadily down-hill since, and I do think having a separate new music show is a big mistake, and the 'this week we are concentrating on the music scene in Hereford with our friends from BBC Hereford and Worcester' AAAAAARGH!

Just like the old days

There is a book I want (ironically about the dissemination of knowledge) published in 1990 but not available on Amazon or Abebooks. It is a book of selected translations of the writings of Paul Otlet, a famous Belgian or more accurately a Belgian who should be famous. See this YouTube clip for his description of the interwebs as described in 1934 (or 2 depending on whether you believe the soundtrack or the subtitles) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwRN5m64I7Y Sadly the clip stops before he predicts lolcats.

I have a PDF of a 1975 book about (rather than by) him, which I have yet to read. There is also an open source documentary here http://www.archive.org/details/paulotlet/