October 13th, 2007

I bet they would have made a film about him...

... but Glubb of Jordan doesn't have the same ring to it as Lawrence of Arabia (actually he was known as 'Glubb Pasha')

"Tomorrow, General Glubb will report to the Foreign Office before going to Chequers for lunch with the Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden."

This was found by a trail starting with the biography of Emanuel Goldberg, Emanuel Goldberg and His Knowledge Machine
http://lu.com/showbook.cfm?isbn=0313313326 who essentially had, in the 30s, made a functioning Memex (which he called a Statistical Machine), about which more later, probably. It is a fine book.
Goldberg went to Palestine after having to flee from Germany in 1933. This lead me to think that I didn't actually know very much about the Jews in Palestine, and thus a trip to Wikipedia.

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