September 24th, 2007

Coupland blogs (or more accurately, blogged, by the look of things). Why was I not informed?

Also, he appears in London on the 9th and Cheltenham on the 6th. The exurban weasel will be going west not east (or out not in, if you prefer). Also, claims the new book is available now, which I don't believe but have ordered it anyway.

As you can see from the news, there is going to be a TV series in Canada of jPod. I started rereading the book as there wasn't anything sufficiently light on the 'to read' file for my mood (not quite ready for 'The Visible Hand - The Managerial Revolution in American Businesss'). Then the Flynn and the book of Waldrop collaborations arrived (#it's time for your Waldrop, Waldrop collabora-a-tion#).
Probably won't be shown on British TV because it's not American, however the dark arts will no doubt see us through...


"I guess the thing about art school is that it gives you a way of looking at the world, but it doesn’t give you any concrete pictures of what your future will be like. At least in med school you’d have dim images of yourself somewhere down the road wearing a white jacket. Art school? I always saw myself in a methadone clinic at 44. I still do, actually. Every day I wake up and can’t believe I’m not there."