September 17th, 2007

It usually begins with Ayn Rand, part 94 (with added fnords)

I turned over to live Five Live from listen again 6 Music to check that the world hadn't ended. The chancellor was on, the exchange went something like this
Presenter: Blah blah Alan Greenspan blah blah interest rates double figure blah blah
Chancellor: Blah blah but Greenspan says the British economy is strong blah blah
Presenter: But he says that is due to the Conservatives' structural reforms of the economy
Weasel (sadly not broadcast to the nation): OH FOR F**K'S SAKE, GREENSPAN WAS ONE OF AYN RAND'S INNER CIRCLE, he is hardly likely to put it down to the benefits of the 3rd way and the mixed economy.

This lead of course to the question of how long he was an Objectivist for, which is not really answered by the Wikipedia page (you mean there are other sources of information? surely not, citation needed :-)). It does contain the lovely line 'He has come under criticism by Harry Binswanger, who believes that working for the Federal Reserve is an abandonment of Objectivist and free market principles.'

It must be terrible to be an Objectivist and be called Harry Binswanger, knowing that your name sounds like that of a Randian villain.

In other military-industrial-pharmaceutical-biotech-education-entertainment complex news, did you know that the SRA reading cards you had at school (if you did) were produced by IBM? "SRA was purchased by IBM in 1964, and by that time its products geared to primary and secondary schools had increased, especially at a time when math education was seen as critical during the Cold War and Space Race." says the Wikipedia page, slightly tendentiously I would say.
I do not remember the subtle brainwashing but that probably shows that it works. There were certainly tapes played to us under the guise of listening comprehension, but I bet that was where we were brainwashed to not see the fnords, and who better to do the fnord brainwashing than IBM. It all fits.