September 12th, 2007

Partially remembered things too vague to Google for

Any ideas?
1. An article / reference to something about the control computers for (I think) Voyagers I and II being one or two computers in a corner somewhere with 'do not touch this, is is controlling Voyager' Post-It notes stuck on them.
2. Possibly the same article, possibly not, reviewing / referring to a long and detailed book by someone who was involved with one of NASA's unmanned Lunar probes. My vague recollection is that it is a 'here are 1000 pages of the arguments I had with people who were wrong and I was right' sort of book.

I have no idea whether this was through the medium of dead tree or enslaved glowing transistor. Some time in the last few days I think. Any or all of the details may be wrong, or I may have dreamt it. Evil cyber-badgers may, as usual, have been involved.