July 31st, 2007

You're fired, if that's OK with Rupert

The acquisition of Amstrad (purveyors of cheap satellite dishes, crappy email devices no-one wants and face-electrocution-devices) by Sky makes The Apprentice even more ludicrous than it was already. Wouldn't the CEO of some thrusting hedge fund / private equity fund be more appropriate?

Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt - a super 3

One of the adverts on Music For Biscuits is one for Dulux Super 3, some sort of paint I assume. The lyrics are about various super 3s (e.g. hope, faith, sweet charity, a super 3). The surprising thing is that one of the super 3s is 'Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt'. Obviously the Cold War was yet to outweigh memories of Uncle Joe and the 'United Nations' (was that a skiffle combo?)
Sadly there are no references to Dulux Super 3 other than in connection with Music for Biscuits, so it is hard to date. Late 50s?