July 12th, 2007

Repeat after me

I must not give in to the urge to buy a crumhorn on-line. Step away from the PC, sir.

(usually Friday nights are bizarre semi-nostalgic Googling and unwise purchase nights, but for some reason I am in that sort of mood today, partly because the dark-grey gerbil mood has lifted)

The Age of Eris, part 94

For those of us who like our irony heavy handed, the booting out of the family of planets of a beloved Walt Disney character by Robert Anton Wilson's goddess of chaos was music to our ears (discordant, a duet for crumhorn and Nintendo DS with samples of plummy English accents used in an ironic and post-modern way that was witty about 10 years ago). The story of the badgers of Basra, however, seems a step beyond what would even be acceptable in satire at its most extreme. And don't start me on the Ministry of Justice...