May 12th, 2007

A storm in that vector of the void

The vortext churns fast today. One of the things it has thrown up is a a copy of 'Impulse'. May 1966 (Vol. 1 no. 3), edited by Kyril Bonfiglioli. All communications (sender's risk) to The Editor, Impulse, 18 Norham Gardens, Oxford. All terrestrial characters and place fictitious.
This contains 'The Run', by Chris Priest, which according to Wikipedia is Mr Priest's first published work. It also contains "Brother John", one of the 'measures' in Pavane by Keith Roberts.

This was, I believe, the house in which Geoff Ryman lived and the OUSFG library (and librarian) were situated back in the day. Bonfiglioli was, of course, author of a number of comic novels about a dodgy art dealer.

I am not quite sure where I got the magazine, I dimly recall having a pile of SF given to me by one of my Dad's friends when I was off school, ill.

I will take the normal occult measures to prevent this magazine vanishing back into the vortext.