March 30th, 2007

I think not

Returning to the theme of 'companies who mine data but do not seem to be able to do anything useful with it', Tesco gave me a voucher at the till yesterday for '100 extra points when you buy The Economist Magazine'.
The only newspapers and magazines I buy there are...
The Guardipendant at weekends occasionally
Private Eye (until recently, now I just skim it on the newsstand - these days the decent scandal comes over the Internet, the funny bits aren't funny, and the stories of corruption and/or incompetence and/or sleaze have become tedious through over familiarity)
New Scientist (about twice a year on average)
PCW (sometimes - not as interesting as it used to be, maybe I am just getting old...)
Edge (Games magazine for wannabees (or was that wallabies) according to mr_snips)

I suppose The Economist may form a cluster with some or all of the above, but it will be a cold day in hell before I buy the festering wank magazine of late capitalism, even with 100 extra points.