March 11th, 2007


I have blown another seal, as the old joke has it. The coffee machine worked for 2 perfect firings, then did its old trick of the water pressure being too much for it and blowing coffee round the outside of the O ring. t__m__i is going to see if she can do better than I did, otherwise we will need to find a coffee-machine-wright somewhere, or something...

Exchange Program

pmcray has pointed out to me this book about Cowley Road published by the Chicago University Press.
The obvious question of whether a book about Chicago is published by OUP is answered by this and this .

This was, of course, going to be a rhetorical question of the 'ha ha, I bet OUP don't have any books about Chicago' variety, but then I looked on the OUP website. My mind is faintly boggled.

The new feudalism, or first as tragedy, then as farce, finally as Cameron

Thanks to an ill-considered purchase of 'Glorifying Terrorism' I have already had enough bad satire about British politics for the moment (*), therefore it seems to be rather gilding the lily to have this implausible 'Cameron' character come up with a policy that allows the hoi-polloi one 'free' trip to the Costa Del Pleb per year whilst his friends in The City pay the big bucks to fly further afield.

Presumably they have some theory about how they are going to stop people from taking the Eurostar to Paris then flying from Charles De Gaulles, either going through the passenger manifests or checking people's passports on the way back into the country. No doubt some countries will, in the manner of Israel, offer not to stamp ones passport. Or maybe the immigration officers will see a business opportunity here.

Anyway, someone should explain to Dave that a bait and switch only works if you wait for people to take the bait before you perform the switch. The Labour manifesto of '83 was described as the longest suicide note in British political history. This, I think, will go down in history as the shortest. Where do I bet on Hague being Conservative leader at the next general election?

(*) what is the opposite of biting satire, gumming satire?

Supermarket food offsets

Think that you should get an organic box, but think that you would just see it and think 'oh fuck, what am I going to do with Swiss chard' (*)? We can make you feel better about yourself with new WeaselCo Supermarket Food offsets. From only 10 pounds a week, we will buy some organic food and send it to someone who would like it but couldn't afford it. All the good vibes and none of the Swiss chard.

(*) I recommend not eating it, although it is no less edible than many things that are essentially inedible.