February 23rd, 2007

Waiting for the black helicopters

Martland - Ryman = Lucky for some. The copy of 266 by Steve Martland has arrived. You might have thought that if an album were called 266 it would say why on the sleeve notes. But no. The number of the best minus an IBM mini-computer. Probably not, I am guessing. The sleeve notes do say 'this recording should be played at a high volume'. I am prepared to view this as charming rather than pretentious, although I will probably be ignoring this serving suggestion, instead I will garnish it with a sprig of parsley.

Meanwhile, this has arrived. A book called 'If(Sid_Vicious == TRUE && Alan_Turing == TRUE) { ERROR_Cyberpunk();}' was either going to be very good or very bad. The code in the title was perhaps a hint that it would be the latter. == TRUE. Surely you jest, sir?(*) 'If(Sid_Vicious && Alan_Turing) throw Cyberpunk()' perhaps would have been more promising, but perhaps he is leaving exceptions for the sequel. Lots of 'cut up' - perhaps I am missing something but it looks like gibberish to me, and the inevitable 'She started cutting her arms in middle school' toss. Where would such a book be without a smidgeon of self-harm?

Oh, you are so deep, profound and sensitive Mr Earls. Now FUCK OFF.

Another one for the Oxfam pile. I recommend it goes in the STC (straight to cat-litter) pile once there.

Since it is clearly tin-foil hat week in your fabulous soaraway LJ, can I also mention the Charles Stross story in Glorifying Terrorism? The Labour NEC meeting in which those members not killed by the Junta or sent to the death-camps resolve to take up armed struggle against the BNP government, and accept the blame for enacting the legislation that made it possible.

Now, write out 100 times.

I will not seek out the irk.
I will not seek out the irk.

Enough of this nonsense, back to the excellent Mr. Newman's 'Seven Stars'.

(*) A purist might say that saying TRUE rather than true puts this in the pre-boolean era, and there is therefore a possibility that Sid_Vicious and Alan_Turing could take values other than FALSE or TRUE. But still...