February 16th, 2007

Wikipedia talk pages are the new rock and roll

I quote from the talk page of the article on Macau:

To Please describe your reasons for believing certain books I have deleted need to be in the "Further Reading" section. I have stated my reasons above, which you have somehow not noticed. I'm under the impression that you have read none(well, most) of the books in the list, and have just gathered information off a certain database, and that you are just offended that your work has not been recognized. Or do you have an agenda of your own?

Oh, and please stop sending me nasty private messages.

I didn't send you any nasty message, plus you are my wife, why do you deny this? OK! I don't force you to admit. Actually I read all of these books and I keep these books in my bedroom where once upon a time, your bedroom. 01:54, 15 February 2007 (UTC)
You sir, are scaring me...
Look, state your arguments here before reverting. I've stated mine and waited a good few days for you to reply before updating it.