February 13th, 2007

"She's a motorcycle rider"

Well, bugger me metaphorically, I just heard Tom Robinson say 'my wife'. I would have expected him to have named her or said 'my partner' (some people are so right-on that they say partner even if they are legally married).

On the subject of 6 Music DJs, as we speak the Phill Jupitus entry on Wikipedia says 'Phill also breeds penguins.[citation needed]'

Obviously the WikiFiddlers are AssumingGoodFaith since a look at the revision history has an update 'cleaning up old broken wikiformatting, adding cite need for that odd penguin statement, removing unreferenced comment about him being linked to Ben Medd whoever he may be' on 21st January, the penguin comment having been added on the 4th January.


Bloody hell, is it really over 2 years since I gave blood? Apparently, which is I guess why I didn't get a letter this time. I am now back into the system having ticked yes to the 'have you received blood' box and explained that it was 42 5/6 years ago or thereabouts etc.