January 21st, 2007

The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction

Apparently. This is a line from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake, of which I was not aware until yesterday. But obviously many more cultured than I were, because either or both parts of this line have been used extensively. A brief Googling uncovers:

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The moral of the story would seem to be that if you are going to use a quote like this, make sure that you Google for it first to see if others have got there first. Although, of course, you may not care.

The weasels of irk are less worried by snakes than the badgers of aerobics, but the greyhounds of idleness have a better view of the television than the penguin of death.

Self playing CD jewel case


This is kind of clever, in a sense. Although the composer describes it as one bit music and it is not clear in what sense that is true. Maybe that all the notes are at the same volume. The music (there are some MP3s on his website) is moderately engaging although is of a form, not unlike 'module music' etc. that I am not convinced that the world necessarily needs more of.
Clearly one could up the ante by producing a film that plays itself in a DVD case. You would need a thin LCD (or by analogy with the 'CD' have some sort of output to a screen, but I think that would be a cop-out).

Another DAB radio free to a good home

This was my second DAB radio, after the strange glowing thing attached to the PC. It bears a strange resemblance to a car radio in a little box. It is mains only, and has no speakers so it needs to go into some manner of amp from its line out. It has a weird external aerial. It is possible that it is fussier than the current generation of devices when it comes to positioning of the aerial. It does have the interesting feature that it supports L band as well as band III although frankly I suspect the chances of L band being rolled out in the UK without them decided to use the new encoding mechanism are approximately nil.

You have a few days to ask for it, I will post it to anyone in the UK. Failing this I will ask people at work, and then maybe freecycle it if I can bear to deal with the mad people.