December 18th, 2006

The weasel of irk

There is some immutable law of weasel psychology that if I start the day in a good mood, it will plummet when I get to work and read the emails, whereas if I start in my normal slightly irked state I can usually bump along at around that level quite nicely.

I suppose also, we really should have the Weaselies.

The first award is for SF TV Spinoff Series Which Is Somehow A Disappointment Despite The Sickening Inevitability Of It Being Crap Given The August Organisation Producing It's Track Record Of Fearing And Despising SF and Fantasy

This was a tricky one, however after long and careful consideration I have decided to award it to...

[FX: a large sack is placed over the head of the weasel and it is dragged off to the home for the chronically irked]