November 24th, 2006


I think that we need a rethink for the date of Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestry day in the light of the fact that I had forgotten the proximity of that date to Thanksgiving.
Obvious things that spring to mind are
a) the date of the publication of The Descent of Man (24th February)
b) the date of the debate between Sam Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley (30th June)

However for those of you celebrating it today, can I say, in the wise words of jackfirecat, "oook ook oo oo ook ook"

Slave to the vibe^H^H^H^H irk

Having seen 'Unanimous' (on the TV whilst we were at the gym) I am now convinced that Channel 4 does not deserve the scarce resource of its frequency. Burn it down and salt the earth. Or flog it off to Rupert Murdoch, RTL, Richard ****ing Branson, some random private equity fund, Richard Desmond, Champion The Wonder Horse, anyone.

Pointless and ugly people squabble, with a thin veneer of game theory -