April 19th, 2006

Mr. Weasel's big bag of inchoate rage

1. David Cameron. If there is anything more odious than an upper-class 'green' I can't think of it off hand.
We don't need any of these nasty labour saving gadgets, that's what servants are for. See also Charles Windsor, Jonathon Porritt

2. Caroline Lucas MEP. Coming in a close second. OK, maybe she has made a detailed study of the epidemiology of bird-flu. There is no reason to think that she can't have made such a study, just because her PhD thesis was on the subject Writing for women: a study of woman as reader in Elizabethan romance). But somehow I suspect not, her piece in the Indy had more of a ring of 'my scientists can beat up your scientists any day'.(there was a letter in today's flatly contradicting what she said, but on any given day half the letters in the Indy flatly contradict the articles of the day before, or the letters the day before contradicting the articles of the day before that). See also Johann Hari.
At least I was able to vote for the executive board of Liberty and put Jean Lambert MEP last - as it was PR I had to rank a lot of other candidates in order to put her 19th, but it was worth it.

3. Labour politicians talking up the BNP without making adequate reference to the part their party has played in fostering xenophobia - pandering to it, never mind confronting it head on.

4. The lame Labour Party election broadcast with Dave The Chameleon. I blame the 1992 election defeat on the Spitting Image puppet of John Major. It made people feel sorry for him and forget what a git he was. Dave The Chameleon was unacceptably cute. Also unacceptably lame. Bring on the class war - have John Prescott appearing on screen saying 'look, he's got a butler for f***'s sake, this is the 21st ****ing century, do you want the country run by someone with a butler?'.

5. Microsoft Installer. This would be far too tedious for me to go into detail about. Clearly Microsoft were up to the task of coming up with a way of wrangling software onto PCs even more ludicrous than the bizarre macro ridden 'autoautomakemake autoautomake automakemake configure make make install badger badger badger' process on Unix and friends. A lesser company would have shrunk from the task.
And there are two versions of Windows Installer 3.1 - they changed the naming convention for the executables for the first version, then they didn't keep to it for the second. Tossers.

6. Douglas Rushkoff. I made the terrible mistake of picking up a Douglas Rushkoff novel in a charity bookshop. It was the sort of crappy SF novel by people who do not 'get' SF, full of smug knowing footnotes where the narrator of the future makes smug condescending knowing remarks about how silly the people of the past were in not properly embracing Free Software and therefore held software back by about 40 years from where it should have been by the '0s. Yes, really. Proprietary software makes Baby Jesus cry.