December 11th, 2005


I have just worked out who the loathsome Mr Cameron reminds me of - friend of Prince Charles and fellow ex-Etonian and crypto-fascist the vile Jonathon Porritt.

Although I doubt there are many people who know what the EPP-ED is, I think Cameron's decision to pull the Tory MEPs out of the EPP-ED shows him pretty well in his true colours. I assume they will have to form their own group as I can't see them being allowed to join (or wanting to join) the ID group along with UKIP.

I have seen with companies that when it comes to the last roll of the dice, a leader who looks superficially plausible but is absolutely disastrous is chosen. Cameron reminds me of these people...

I think we can now predict that the major post Tory party (which may, of course, still be called the Conservatives) will be a nutty right-wing isolationist environmental party - keep the plebs in their place under the pretext of environmental necessity.

The big question is now whether will we ever get PR or will Labour be in power for the next 30 years?

Boom boom shake the room

Well, I was either woken up by the explosion or was already awake (probably due to dogs) and heard it. I thought I had felt it but I was quite dozy. I thought it was a small earthquake of the variety we get in England every ten years or so.

Buncefield is a name familiar to me as many years ago I wrote the software that BP used to schedule oil deliveries by tanker. Well, lots of people wrote the software, but I wrote the actual algorithm that assigned orders to vehicles in a particular order (for a while, there was a previous algorithm and probably later ones but it was used for a few years at least).

If I recall correctly, Buncefield was actually quite a small terminal so either it has expanded (which I doubt) or the news stories are exaggerating its importance, thereby encouraging people to panic buy. In general the big terminals are at the coast or on river estuaries, and the biggest inland one near London used to be Esso's West London terminal. I can't find any useful data on the web however....

It's that time of year again

The weasel's random collection of unattributed quotes from blogs over the last year... a mixture of LJ friends LJ friends' friends and things from other blogs. There are no outstanding award winners this year sadly, so just sit back and enjoy...
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