December 9th, 2005

Software gripe of the day

I may have done this one before, but it is bugging me again.

Debuggers that only show the first hundred or so characters of strings. Maybe this would have made some sort of sense back in the days when computers had 32K of memory, but there is plenty of RAM and plenty of room on the screen for my 10000 odd character SQL query, so can I see it please?!


Since people have been talking about biodiesel on my flist, I thought I would pass the following on:

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I haven't actually received any biodiesel yet from them, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as the car is still playing up in what seems a vaguely wetness / temperature dependent way requiring a trip to the Skoda dealer so they can interpret the output from the engine management system (why the garage I normally go to can't ask Skoda I have no idea). It would therefore seem to be a Good Thing to sort the problem out first to isolate any effects that biodiesel might have on it.